Who We Are

We are Carla and Gianni and sometime ago we decided to get a couple of cats and then we started to get information about breeds and catteries.
We immediately realized that what mattered was to visit catteries, to talk with breeders and figure out what we really wanted. The easiest thing was to choose the Maine Coons: it was love at first sight!
Another easy thing to settle it was that we wanted to choose our cats in a cattery, and not in a pet shop.
The surprise instead was to discover that with some breeders we felt immediate feeling, but with others we felt just concerning mistrust. In short: we got both cats from the same cattery. Once seen the kittens, it was impossible for us not to want them, so we optioned them. Then we started to imagine about how the place to grow them should be.

Soon, our house has turned into "Lucky Coon" (or "The Wonderland for Cats", as our vet says). We put scratching trees in the living room, in the bedroom and in the studio, safety nets on the balconies, choosing to deny our furry friends access to no room. We made some changes here and there in the house to remove various kind of dangers, so our beloved Crissie and Bono have been perfectly settled in and have everything they need.
One of our first great results is Rhum the Gingercat, proud son of the founders Crissie and Bono, to whom we quickly found a wonderful fiancée, Flirty.
Then, other cats joined us: Serafino, lovingly cared-for by our friend Chiara, and his sister Safira, kindly looked after by Alessia and Pia. Also, Jonathan and Angel arrived, the second generation of Hic Sunt Leones' litter, which nurtured our bloodline.

Currently we cooperate with other catteries like Joycoon Venice, Honey Bee, Pink Diamonds and Trilloteam. Our cats also stay at Sabina and Jules' place (Tiberius), at Andrea Ginger Vesper's (Yuki and Sally) and at Cinzia and Riccardo's (Archibald). And so many other beautiful Leones have started to crowd the area...

Maine Coons are true companions in life and want to be with us as much as possible, keep us company and feel their owners close. We've pleased them and made ourselves happy, at the same time.