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Ours is a small cattery taking its first steps. We have been working with Maine Coons since 2008, but in 2010 we began to study in order to become serious and reliable breeders. The learning process is still on going and we participate in many seminars and conferences concerning cats. Everytime we understand something more, and every time we understand there's something else to learn. We enjoy any opportunity to learn more about cats.

On our journey we've met some lovely people who not only bought our cats as companions in their life, but they also host some cats

Thank you Alessia, Chiara and Pia for your beautiful way in taking care of our Safira and Serafino.

We've had another fortunate meeting that's looked like an encouraging sign of destiny. Two veterinarians, Stefania and Bruno, who care for our big loving felines. We know we sometimes look a bit crazy and that we aren't easy clients... so thank you very much!

A separate aknowledgement should be made for a blonde fairy, Christine Castellitto, she is the cardiologist who has been helping us for 6 years. She goes above and beyond her duties. In addition to the supervision of the hearts of our beloved cats, she has entered our hearts for her passion, love and great professionalism.

Finally, in May 2013, the passion for our feline loves inspired us to leave Bologna. We moved to the countryside between Bologna and Ferrara, in order to give our four-legged-companions a larger house and a garden of 450 square meters to roam free and adventure at will!